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Sunflowers Kids Club

The Club has been a nurturing space that provides educational and well-being activities for Ukrainian children and their families since July 2022. In our club children, age 0 to 17, have opportunities to learn, express themselves, enhance their emotional well-being, make friends and integrate into British society. All sessions and support are delivered by a team of Ukrainian specialists who work with children.

Since the Club opened last summer, we have supported 147 children and 96 adults. Children and their parents enjoy to learn, enhance their emotional well-being, make friends, support each other and engage in tailored group well-being sessions delivered by psychologists and other specialists. Children and adults can also receive an individual support from one of our Ukrainian psychologists.

The club has evolved and this year functions as a Centre for developing children’s creativity and resilience. It opens its doors again after summer holidays on 16 September. We are open every Saturday during school term from 10.00 till 12.15.

The registration for the Club for the 2nd half o-term of 2023-2024 is now open until the 14th of November.

How to register

1. If you already have been a member of our club, you don’t need to fill in the Registration form. We have all your details. If you are new to the club – please fill in our Registration form first. 

2. Choose which of the children’s sessions below your child would like to attend. All children sessions are listed below in a blue border. You can find out more information about each class by clicking on it. Then you can add it to your basket and pay your subscription for the half-term. If you would like more than one child attending the classes, please add a new session, named “Class for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th Child” to your booking. If you booked and paid for your child/children’s classes, you will receive an email confirmation. That’s it, you are registered!

We are now offering the following sessions in our Club: 

Element bee only

Creative studio

Teacher: Olga Govorova

Children: 2-5 years old

Length of session: 2 hours


Element blue branch

Ukrainian Language

Teacher: Vita Samoilenko

Children: 8-11 and 12-15 y.o.

Length of session: 1 hour each session

Element red butterfly only

Playing Board Games “Play and Develop”

Teacher: Olga Simatova

Children: 11-17 років

Length of session: 1 година

Element red branch

Art Studio

Teacher: Diana Bila

Children: 10-17 years old

Length of session: 2 hours

Element red heart

Mindfulness Zen

Teacher: Lena Henderson

Children: 6-10 years old

Length of session: 1 hour

Element blue leaves

Preparing for GCSE Math Exam

Teacher: Kateryna Osypchuk

Children: 15-17 years old

Length of session: 2 hours

Element bee only white wings

Preparing for ’11 Plus’ Math Exam

Teacher: Alla Burakova

Children: 9-11 years old

Length of session:1 hour

What to expect?

All educational sessions for children and adults will take place in the club from 10.00 till 12.15. Sessions will last from 1 hour till 2 hours. Please read the description of the classes to see what class your child would like to attend and find the length of each session. At 11.00 there will be a break for 15 minutes. All sessions are held close to each other but in separate spaces.

Adults can also choose to attend a weekly group that will be focused on harmonious development of emotional health of mothers, run by one of our psychologists. Other parents will be able to drop their children and pick them up at the end of the session or wait for their children.


Children drawing

Additional Services

Additionally, we also offer the following services:


1. Group sessions for mothers “Women’s Circle”

The aim of these gatherings is to give mothers an opportunity to socialise, support each other, develop a range of skills and their emotional well-being. These sessions will take place every Saturday in parallel with children’s sessions. 

There will be a wide range of sessions on offer: friendly chats over a cup of tea, make-up, ‘Feelings and food’ sessions, mindfulness, art-therapy, topical sessions with a psychologist and more. More information about these sessions and the plan for the next couple of months is coming soon. 

2. Individual consultaitons for children, teenagers and adults with one of our Ukrainian qualified psychologists Olesia Tymokhina. Children and adults can also recieve individual support from our psychologist. Individual consultaitons can be booked and paid for on an indvidual basis. All fees are minimal, as it is important to allow everyone to get help who needs it. 

Consultations with children
Vyshyvanka Day

3. Events and celebrations

We like to get together in our Club to celebrate some special events and occasions in our warm and friendly Ukrainian family! The last event we held was Vyshyvanka Day on 18 May.

Vyshyvanka Day is an international holiday that aims to preserve the Ukrainian folk traditions of creating and wearing ethnic embroidered clothes. During this event there were lots of creative activities for children and adults, dedicated to this theme.

One of the highlights of the celebration was the concert! There was some beautiful singing by children and parents, drama performed by children attending our Drama club and Ukrainian poems. So many children have taken part in the concert this time! We felt so proud watching them performing so confidently with beautiful happy smiles on their faces!

4. Trips

Following our Kids Club tradition, on 8 June we had a trip to the seaside! Before our club closes for summer holidays, it is always great to have an adventure together! This time we went to Bridlington and Sewerby Hall and Gardens.

Our Ukrainian children and their families really enjoyed:

– watching animals in the zoo;
– playing in the playground;
– walking in beautiful Sewerby Hall gardens and house;
– taking a cute train alongside the sea to the beach and town;
– playing on the beach and splashing in the water that was actually not very cold!

Most importantly it was a wonderful way to rest and reconnect with each other!

Watching children and adults chat, play, laugh, explore and rest together, watching their happy smiles, you could feel so tangibly how beautifully we have grown together over the last 2 years into one big Ukrainian family!

Sewerby Hall (house)

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If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email support@sunflowersinyork.co.uk

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By sending us a donation, you'll be supporting our Kids Club and other activities that will enhance the mental, emotional and/or social well-being of children and young people who had to flee Ukraine with their families. All our activities also aim to support their carers, with a smooth transition and settling in UK.