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Our Mission & Vision

‘Sunflowers in York’ helps Ukrainian refugee children and families to settle and thrive in York by providing emotional health and well-being activities and support.

Our team of experienced Ukrainian teachers and psychologists believes that children’s emotional health is essential to their education, quality of life and ability to process change and trauma.

The recent invasion of Ukraine has displaced over 5 million children. Most of them have  experienced disrupted education and are separated from their families – their brothers, fathers and grandfathers who have stayed behind to fight or have been lost to violence.

Sunflowers Kids Club

We run Sunflowers Kids Club for Ukrainian refugee children and their families in York. The Club has been a nurturing space that supports mental health and well-being of Ukrainian refugee children and their parents since July 2022. In our club children, age 0 to 17, have opportunities to learn, express themselves, enhance their emotional well-being, make friends and integrate into York. All sessions and support are delivered by a team of Ukrainian specialists who work with children.

The Club also offers individual psychosocial support to children and parents, as well as a variety of other activities designed to support their integration in York, including trips, knowledge exchange, art, mindfulness, Ukrainian classes, and so on.

Our 1st Year

Where we are

Our Club now has a new venue York St John University Communities Centre.

Address: 32-34 Clarence Street, York, YO31 7EW.

York St John Communities Centre provides a space for mental health, wellbeing, and community facing services, groups, and projects for communities within York and North Yorkshire. They also host lots of other valuable services and community groups. More information on their website.

Stories of Ukrainian Families

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