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The Club has been a nurturing space that supports mental health and well-being of Ukrainian children and their families since July 2022. In our club children, age 0 to 17, have opportunities to learn, express themselves, enhance their emotional well-being, make friends and integrate into British society. All sessions and support are delivered by a team of Ukrainian specialists who work with children.

Since the Club opened last summer, we have supported 106 children and 89 adults. Children and their parents enjoy to learn, enhance their emotional well-being, make friends, support each other and tailored group well-being sessions delivered by psychologists and other specialists. Children and adults can also receive an individual support from one of our Ukrainian psychologists. Our families also love our popular trips out and celebration events where we could enjoy being one big family. 

The club has evolved and this year functions as a Centre for developing children’s creativity and resilience. It opens its doors again after summer holidays on 16 September. We are still open every Saturday for 2 hours from 12.00 till 14.00. Registration for the Club in 2023-2024 will open on 2 September.

In our Club children now can attend the following sessions: 

Creative studio

Teacher: Olya Govorova

Children: 2-5 years old

Length of session: 2 hours


Element bee only

Drama Studio

Teacher: Olga Chebykina

Children: 5-17 years old

Length of session: 1 hour

Element blue petal

Ukrainian Language & Culture – 2 classes

Teacher: Vita Samoilenko 

Children: 8-11 and 12-15 y.o.

Length of session: 1 hour

Element red butterfly only

Mindfulness Zen

Teacher: Lena Henderson

Children: 6-9 years old

Length of session: 1 hour

Art Studio

Teacher: Diana Bila

Children: 10-17 years old

Length of session: 2 hours

Element blue petal

Photo & Video Editing

Teacher: Yuliia Kushnir

Children: 10-17 years old

Length of session: 1 hour

Element bee only

Preparing for GCSE Math Exam

Teacher: Kateryna Osypchuk

Children: 15-17 years old

Length of session: 2 hours

What to expect?


The Club is at York Vineyard, which is located quite centrally in York.

On Wednesdays we will deliver group sessions for children of age 0 to 5 (before school).

On Saturdays there will be group sessions for children of all ages:

– art, music and mindfulness for children of the age 5-12;

– fun focused sessions with Early Years Practitioners for children of the age 0-4;

– Youth club ‘Speak Up’ for children age 12-18 with an experienced ESOL teacher.

Children do craft

All sessions are held close to each other but in separate spaces. Regular group sessions in art, music and mindfulness are delivered every week. For example, one week children have music, next week – art, third week – mindfulness. All sessions and resources are trauma-informed in order to help children deal with their displacement in a most nurturing way.

Children can also get support from an experienced Child Psychologist. All group and individual sessions are delivered by experienced passionate Ukrainian teachers in Ukrainian language.

Toddlers play music

A complementary lunch is organised for children before their sessions. Lunch is provided by Little Green Rascals’ organic nurseries.

Lunch: 12-1pm; Group sessions: 1-2pm

We also will be organising regular trips out to visit animals and other sights of interest in the local area.

Parents can relax, socialise and enjoy cakes and refreshments in the area close to children. A dedicated Developmental Psychologist can provide group and individual support for parents.

The Kids Club will run for at least 12 months, with regular sessions twice a week.

Welcome to our unique space where support, love and care are delivered for Ukrainians by Ukrainians – a space where we open our hearts.

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If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email

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By sending us a donation, you'll be supporting our Kids Club and other activities that will enhance the mental, emotional and/or social well-being of children and young people who had to flee Ukraine with their families. All our activities also aim to support their carers, with a smooth transition and settling in UK.