Wellness Day in our Club has been truly relaxing and uplifting. 5 local therapists came to do a wide range of holistic and relaxing therapies for our Ukrainian mothers back in February. We all know that looking after our body is one of the essential ways of supporting our physical and mental health. 27 ladies have participated in a the following therapies:
  • hand reflexology
  • reiki
  • head, neck and shoulders massage
  • hand massage
  • full body massage.

We are so grateful to our wonderful therapists who came to give away their time and expertise for free:


Thanks to their massages and therapies Ukrainian ladies not only enjoyed relaxing and looking after their bodies in a supportive community but also have taken effective self-care tools to apply on a daily basis to support their mental health during these challenging times away from home. 

The day was so successful that the therapists have returned on the 10th of June to support our Ukrainian families with more massage and therapies. Thank you to you all!

If you are a therapist working in York and would like to join our next Wellness Day, please get in touch and email us to hello@sunflowersinyork.org. 


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