On 11 February our Kids Club has visited a group of Ukrainian soldiers who have been training in an army base in Yorkshire. We have been asked to visit the soldiers to help boost their morale and lift up their spirits before they had to go back to fight in the war. 

Our kids have drawn special pictures and ‘Thank you!’ cards for every soldier! 

Card for soldiers 2
Visit to Ukrainian soldiers 6

Our mothers and grandmothers have prepared some Ukrainian cakes and treats too.

The singing from the wonderful Ukrainian choir ‘York and Ukraine Together’ has reminded soldiers about their home, about the culture that we so treasure. 

We knew this trip would be very important and very emotional. And it was… But it also turned out to be a very inspiring and heartwarming day for the soldiers and for our group: children and adults!

Our children have been absolutely incredible! They were being really brave to talk to these men they’ve seen for the first time despite their initial shyness. Imagine 160 tall and strong men standing in front of you in a line – can be quite an intimidating sight! Some of our children even did a performance for them with singing and playing the guitar! 

Visit to Ukrainian soldiers 4
Visit to Ukrainian soldiers 1

Talking to children and playing with them has filled soldiers’ hearts with warmth, love and patriotism. It was wonderful to see their sparkling eyes and smiles on their faces. They told us at the end of our visit: it highlighted for them who they were protecting, the future they were fighting for – our children! 

Our children were also so inspired! That day they saw their heroes! 🇺🇦🕊️

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