Most children love playing with sand since very early age. And sand remains one of their favourite tactile materials as they grow. ‘Sand art’ is one of the effective and mesmerising variations of art therapy for children. Children can transform a handful of sand into beautiful images – seas and forests, mountains and waterfalls, roads and buildings – all with their own hands. With sand, children can show different life situations which they might not be able to or don’t want to express in words. This simple and yet powerful way of role playing allows children to show the world, as they see it, express their thoughts and emotions nonverbally.

Sand therapy allows a child to go beyond the limitations of reality, think outside the box, express themselves freely and creatively. Showing their world through sand can also enhance their confidence in their abilities. ‘Drawing in sand’ has a range of benefits for a child:

– develops memory;

– enhances spatial awareness;
– improves concentration;
– enhances communicative skills;
– develops dexterity and precision;
– allows a child to be more content with themselves and others;
– learn more about themselves and accept who they are.
In the last couple of weeks we had few sand therapy sessions in our club. They took place in a calm quiet environment. We took great care in sourcing the right materials as these can play a significant role. Our sensory table with lighting is very popular! Imagine, how a child’s imagination will fly if you put blue light on and tell them that they are on the beach or on an island… Children can also change colours as they prefer and draw their own special story.
Drawing their own pictures, creating their own stories helps children to feel in control. After so many sudden and abrupt changes in their lives, this is very important for their well-being. Expressing themselves freely allows children to make sense of the situations they’ve been and they currently are. A lot of children like to talk through what they draw, they explain and express themselves. It is a powerful healing experience for them as it allows them to create their own world and put everything right. Children found ‘sand drawing’ a powerful tool for their self-expression and self-acceptance which lay the foundation for developing their resilience and sense of well-being.

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