On 9 March 2024 our Kids Club has reopened its doors in the new venue – York St John Communities Centre! York St John Communities Centre is a wonderful space that hosts mental health and wellbeing services, groups, and projects for communities within York and North Yorkshire.

YSJ Communities Centre
Early Years club 2

It was so wonderful to get together again! Children and adults were very happy to see each other again and do something interesting together! The sparkles in their eyes have shown how much they all missed each other!

All children had an opportunity to attend a few sessions relevant for their age category and interests. We had: 

  •  Art class where children drew a portrait of each other;
  • Ukrainian language and culture class – kids participated in a General Knowledge Quiz to see who knows the most about Ukraine; 
Art class
Board Games club 3
  • Board games – lots of teenagers could enjoy playing different board games in smaller groups. They had a lot of fun!
  • Mindfulness class – we made chatterboxes as a tool to help us process anger. Children had written down inside these chatterboxes what helped them to calm down when feeling this emotion;

  • Early Years group had so much fun making rainbow cards for Mothers Day, playing lots of games and having a disco!

Adults also were busy in the Club. Some mothers went to a ‘Day Make-Up’ workshop to learn how to showcase their femininity during this blossoming spring time. 

In English Speaking Club parents discussed ‘What makes a woman WOMAN’? A topic that was dedicated to Mother’s Day and spurred a lot of conversations. 

Make-Up Workshop
Ukrainian Art exhibition 1

We were also very grateful to talented Ukrainian Art who has made our reception look so stunningly beautiful with authentic Ukrainian art and crafts! 

And of course, the day wouldn’t be so sweet without delicious desserts from our Dzhamilia from Art-bouquet.UK! Thank you! 

What a day! Everybody was so happy to be together in this beautiful company and new venue! Thank you YSJ Communities Centre for giving us such beautiful and welcoming new venue!

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