Riding Lights Theatre Company very kindly had offered to run a Christmas performance for our Ukrainian kids on 16th of December. This is a local theatre company that creates and performs a wide variety of shows for the local community. They bring theatre performances to local schools, churches and art venues around UK to bring children and people joy and entertainment.

On 16th of December, our Ukrainian families have attended “Give it Back, Mak! Christmas 2023” performance. This modern twist on a Christmas tale filled with puppetry, compassion and extraordinary story-telling was a winner! All participants, old and young have really enjoyed this performance. These are some of the words shared by them about the show:

“I wanted to thank the whole theatrical team for the wonderful time we had during this Christmas play. It was so heartwarming! Just what we needed! 💝


“My daughter really enjoyed the play. Her and her friend loved it! They were able to understand the meaning of the story and the jokes. Thank you for this opportunity! My daughter feels really inspired and we are planning to join some drama classes for her. Thank you!”
We are so grateful to Rachel and her amasing team for this unforgettable experience that brought joy and happiness to all visiting families at Christmas time! Thank you for such a wonderful gift!

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